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The SFRA Review Worlding SF symposium is online!

SFRA Review #327 (winter 2019) features a selection of slightly revised papers from the conference, edited by the Review's editor, Sean Guynes.

Here's the TOC:

Maximiliano Jiménez: "'Gratify the Desires of the People that Visit Your World': Immersion and Fictionality in Westworld"
Jennifer Brown: "Queering Human and Alien Cultures in the Wayfarer Universe"
Erin Horáková: "The Future, Wouldn't That Be Nice?"
Lars Schmeink: "A Future of Exterminism: Cyberpunk's Commodification of Bodies"
Aurélie Villers: "How the World of Alastair Reynolds's Revelation Space Is Being Built: Revealing What the Story Does Not Say"
Janin Tscheschel: "A World Within Us: Denis Villeneuve's Arrival Opens an Outerspace of New Experience"
Norbert Gyuris: "Semiotic Concepts of Gravity: Simulation vs. Representation in Upside Down"
Chris Hall: "Tarkovsky's Solaris: Settling the Otherworldly Self"
Elisabeth Schneider: "A Queering That Is None: Intersexuality in Robert A. Heinlein's '--All You Zombies--'"
Sean Guynes: "Afrofuturism's Specter: Alternate History, Racial Capitalism, and Nisi Shawl's Everfair"
Agnieszka Urbanczyk: "World Re-Building: Eschatological Thought in the Science Fiction Genre as Exemplified by Star Trek"
Katie Stone: "Through the Eyes of a Child: Novelty and Age in Octavia Butler's Fledgling"
Sylvia Spruck Wrigley: "Throw Grandma Out the Airlock"
Grant Dempsey: "Science Fiction and (Extra-)Naturalism: The Ontological Complexity of SF and Its Worlds"

Of course, you may--as always--grab a digital copy of the Review from the SFRA website.


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