In this post, you will find cancelations and other last-minute changes.

Cancelations (in order of scheduled appearance):

Christian Ludwig, "' What are little boys made of?' Representations of Sex and Gender Beyond the Binary in the Star Trek Universe and Their Potentials for the EFL Classroom" (Panel B4; Thursday, Dec 6; 5.30pm)

Rhys Williams, "Making Worlds for the End of the World" (Panel D2; Friday, Dec 7; 11.45am)

Artem Zubov, "Constructing the Cultural Imaginary: Factory Workers Reading SF in Late Imperial Russia" (Panel D3; Friday, Dec 7; 11.45am)

Elena-Brindusa Nicolaescu, "World(ing) Transitions in Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 and Boualem Sansal's 2084: The End of the World" (Panel E4; Friday, Dec 7; 3pm)

Victor Kennedy, "The Icons of Science Fiction as Depicted in Animated Cartoons" (Panel F5; Saturday, Dec 8; 9 am)


Graeme Macdonald, "Monsters in the Forecourt: SF's Gas Stations as Future Energyscapes" (from Panel G2 to Panel D2 to replace Rhys Williams; Panel G2 will conclude with a roundtable discussion feat. all participants in the "Beyond Petromodernity" track)



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